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xanax withdrawal help
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    Question xanax withdrawal help

    Can anyone give me any info on how to withdraw from xanax? I haven't been on it for very long. I was prescribed it to ease the withdrawal symptoms from percs and oxys. Now im stuck on xanax. I've only been taking it for about three months. I'm up to taking 4mg a day. I wanted to just stop cold turkey...but after reading some other posts stoping cold turkey scares me. If I've only been taking them for less than three months, do u think I will have any major problems, like seizures or whatever else there is?

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    You may very well run though the dangerous problems from col turkey benzos...My advice is to taper off...You could come down .5mg/every 5 days or so........

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    Default Dont Do It!

    Hi, with my experience withdrawing from xanax DONT GO COLD TURKEY! I was on double the amount you were on, and went cold turkey. It was the most horrific experience ever. I have been on many medications before and withdrew, but xanax is a nightmare. I ended up in hospital within 24hrs, with chronic chest pain, and the withdrawal took forever. Cramping in the legs & back severely. Since the experience (2yrs ago) I am now suffering severe agoraphobia. Dont do it, best thing is to possibly transfer to valium and slowly lower the dose with that, with a doctors supervision. Even Rohypnol withdrawal was not as bad as xanax. Abrupt withdrawal from xanax can cause seizures and also schitzophrenia.
    All the best.

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