I was your normal average girl, high sprung, funny, had a lot of friends. Amazing boyfriend. Drove amazing cars, have a job that pays me take home $800/week.

Well, I have been an addict for 2 1/2 years now. Percocet 30s were my main choice. I have been from a customer, to a dealer and everything in between. You think as a dealer you would make a lot of money and things would be great? Well, not so much in my case. I was getting supplied as many as I have needed. Thing is, when you dont have to pay for anything upfront, you tend to do a lot more of your supply. I was up to 10-14 a day. Which, in mgs, is 300-420mg. I havent paid for my insurance, my car, or anything else. I drive a 2007 honda si, and last month my cars transmission went. So now, I am stuck without a car, its hard for me to get places, etc. I owe 1,000 on my insurance by the 12th or my plates are no good and I have to re register my car. My lean holder is on my ass. To get my car fixed I need $2100. My point is, these things ruin your life. For the past 2 months I have been doing so many 30s that my whole check gets taken and out put into my dealers hand. Its disgusting. It's no way you want to live. You may be reading this now saying "this will never happen to me," well believe me... it can, and it will, if you continue down this path in life. One thing I am proud to say about myself is that I have been clean for 24 hours with the help of soboxone. I just thought I could share my story with everyone so maybe... just maybe it will help atleast one person. DRUGS. RUIN. LIVES.