Hi All,This is my first post to this forum. I have been on 20mgs of Lexapro and 15o pf Wellbutrin for about a year. Didnt seem to be enough for me. I was still depressed. Anyway, I am weening down 5mg a week from Lexapro, And adding 37.5 of Effexor. This has been going on for about 3 weeks now. I am now on 10mgs of Lex and still on 150 of wellbutrin and 37.5 of effexor. I feel nauseas all of the time and feeel tired and fluish all of the time. Has anybody had any experience with this problem? I was of effexor and wellbutrin for about 5 years 2 plus years ago but changed due to chronic nausea. But I was also drinking pots and pot of coffee daily. I think the caffine may have been the reason for the nausea so I wanted to try again now that I do not have caffine anymore. Is this normal to feel this awful for this many weeks? I rally want to try the effexor/ wellbutrin coctail again since nothing else really helps the depression. But I dont want to feel like I have the flu forever. PLEASE HELP