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weaning off methadone
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    Default weaning off methadone

    I just wondered if anyone could tell me the best way to wean yourself off methadone? My husband is on it at the moment and I just wondered what experiences you had coming off it.
    what helped you get through the withdrawals?
    any adivce about methadone is greatly received!

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    Methadone detox must be done very slooooooooooowly!!!!!Dropping 1-2mgs a week until he gets down to 10-15 mgs then he needs to go even slower.If you do it this way the withdrawls won't be to bad.Some people have done it this way and had no physical withdrawls.I would think mental withdrawl is almost impossible to avoid but by the time he's ready he will be able to handle the mental part.He can also get down to 30 mgs of methadone/day and then jump over to buprenorphene(subutex,suboxone).Go to and read up on it.There is a doctor locator there and you can find a list of dr's in your area that prescribe.Methadone is a seriously strong opiate and needs to be treated with respect,because it has such a long half life you have to wean off of it very slowly otherwise you will suffer weeks of withdrawls and then end up with PAWS(Post Accute Withdrawl Syndrome) which can last up to a year and long in some cases.Good luck and remember the slower the better......Dave

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