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vyvanse and playing sports
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    Default vyvanse and playing sports


    I will be taking 50mg of vyvanse starting next week, but i also play intense soccer. I wanted to know if this is either a bad thing or a good thing while on vyvanse. I don't want to really ask my doctor because I'm afraid he wont prescribe it to me but i need it for college. I use to take Ritalin and never had a problem while playing soccer.

    Thank You

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    As vyvanse is a stimulant, I wouldn't risk advising you on how it will affect you to get involved in intense sports... I really think this is something to discuss with your doctor, as it's a bit too risky to just brush aside. If your activities concern him enough to not prescribe it, wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry?!? There may be another medication that would be safer.
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    Like Ruth said, it is a stimulant (a centrail nervous system stimulant to be precise) and I agree that you should ask your doctor about this. Mainly, because you are concerned about how it might affect your performance. I know that Vyvanse causes a person to feel more tired towards the end of the day and if you are THAT passionate about your soccer, why risk taking something that can make you feel run down? I think your best bet would be to ask your prescriber because he/she may can offer something else that won't affect your game and still be of use to you. Good luck.

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