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someone PLEASE tell me what i'm supposed to do??
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    Default someone PLEASE tell me what i'm supposed to do??

    helloooo everybody, haven't been on in awhile. as some of u many or many not know, i have been dealing with serious pain in my back for over a year now. i have tried EVERYTHING. physical therapy for several months, chiropractor, do back strengthening exercises and stretches every day, had xrays and an mri, and now i'm going to a pain management clinic. they did a thoracic steroid epideral in my back two days ago and my back hurts pretty bad, but they said it would take a few days. my new doc said that if doesn't work i just have to live with pain. i CAN'T just live with it. it's horrible. i don't know what to do. i'm thinking i'm gonna need a new doctor, this one does not take me seriously at all. my physical therapist said she could feel a vertabrae out of place, and that was where my pain was coming from. however, from all the doctors i've been to, i'm gotten the responses that i have scoliosis, my boobs are too big, a vertabrae is turning out of place, i have an unusual curve to my spine... etc.... WHAT SHOULD I DO? the only thing that helps is pain meds and i know i shouldn't be on them my whole life, but until i can get this fixed i don't know how i'm gonna deal with it.... any input, that would be great

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    Go to an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in back/spine injuries. Always get at least two opinions for anything back/neck.

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    Just wanted to say I am glad you are still with us. I was worried about you because of your struggles. Thank God your OK. You know what mean. Pain sucks...and I wish I could take it from you. Max suggested a specialist in orthopaedics. Maybe you have a herniated disc. Surgery may be the answer. It saved me from the unbearable pain from my broken neck. They had to rebuild my neck with a cadaveur bone, remove bone fragments and the Disc that exploded from my spinal cord when I hit that wall in my car going 85 mph. They placed two titanium plates and fused three vertebrae. I spent April to July waiting for that surgery in so much pain and tons of meds. My hands were numb and I had to stay constantly sitting up. The doctors cannot explain how I was not a quadrepalegic. But thanks be to God I feel great. No pain. Full range of motion. I have my hands back. And the best thing I have been off the opiates for 7 months after a decade of use. You know my story. Go get checked out by a specialist and see what's up. Have you had MRI's or other diagnostics done? God Bless you

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