a friend of mine has some severe problems. she gets these horrible headaches, that start in her neck, then go all around her head,she says it feels like alot of pressure, like her heads gonna explode. when she wakes up somedays her eyes are swelled shut, her mouth gets so dry she cant even open it at times. shes sick all the time, nausea and vomiting alot, her vision also gets blurry.i am worried about her.everytime she goes up to the emergency room, they run a few tests, give her a shot for pain, and send her home. once they did a cat scan, it showed she had fluid around the brain. she has more tests lined up, mri, etc, but everything seems to be taking to long. what is she supposed to do in the meantime. she doesnt even want to go back to the emergency room, because, they just give her a shot and send her home. i dont know why they wont admit her, to find out whats really wrong. in the meantime, do any of these symtoms sound familiar to anyone, what could it possiblyt be?? any ideas?