Greetings everyone!

I'm hoping someone here may have an idea of what is going on with a friend of mine who is currently facing a revocation hearing for several dirty urines that have shown up on and off over the past few months.

Before you reply though, I assure you that he is NOT doing any opiates of any kind. In fact his own counselor believes him, as does his P.O. (though he has been forced to report these to the judge). My friend is devastated to say the least as he only had a few days left on probation after years of struggle (and prison) to stay clean. So, please - no need to comment if all you have to offer is "your friend is a junkie", or that he "ate poppy seed bagels", etc. I need some real answers here and ASAP. Thanks!

My friend takes four extra strength Excedrin everyday for headaches and tooth problems.

Over the past few months he has used NyQuil and other over the counter cold medicines for relief of symptoms.

I've read that both Excedrin and Nyquil can cause false positives... but for morphine?

I've also read where your body can produce enzymes that will definitely show up as opiates in a test (although I can't seem to find much detailed information about this - any ideas)?

I've also read that diabetes (which he has some symptoms of but has yet to be checked out) and kidney troubles (which he has had on and off over the past few months - trouble urinating, back pain in kidney area, sweats, etc) can show up at opiates in tests.

Anyone know more about this?

Scary that so few know that your own body can throw off tests!

Any information will help!!!! Thank you.

- The Rev