Okay, so I started cymbalta for nerve pain in hopes to get off the lortab.. well that was sorta the goal. I mean i know that I need to get off them but I'm not so sure I want to.. but that's another issue.

So, I've been on the Cymbalta now about a month. Things really are going well more or less. Pain is practically nil and no real side effects other than restless leg syndrome creeping up and anxiety. I've always had issues with anxiety but I have just dealt with it. Well, if you call avoidance dealing with it. I mean I just don't have a life and other than work I don't force myself to do anything else.

The irony is that I also decided to give cymbalta another try due to the fact that I've been having more and more crying fits and negative thoughts resulting in thoughts of harm etc. Nothing I've actively wanted to do anything about ... well, i managed through the worst of it and I'm back with a therp. against my better judgement. we'll see how it goes.

The problem is now that the pain is well gone.. i was done to 3 tabs a day or less... but since the emotional hell of the past 3 weeks approx. I've shot up to 5 a day and I'm finding it difficult to want to quit. The problem besides the more obvious is that I spoke with my doc. when I got the script for the cymbalta and was honest about my not so prescribed use of the tabs. He was not happy but understood and we agreed to recap the script at 90 a month and see how cymbalta worked out this time. I go back in a week to update him and I'm struggling between lying and not. if i had to go in right now i'd be lying to keep the script. i know in my more rational moments that I don't need it much anymore but i am hard pressed to care when my drug devil appears and asks for another script. it's convinced i eed it like forever. heh. ugh. i need to sleep. hopefully tomorrow will be better. flypup