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Need Medication for pain
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    Exclamation Need Medication for pain

    I recently hyper extended my knee pretty bad playing basketball in a rec league and decided to ice it and wait it out. Didn't get any better so i went to my doctor and he just said to ice and it'll go away after a couple of days, but the pain i have is just like when i hyper extended my knee in high school playing football. Back then i got at least some Vicodin for pain when i was recovering and for crutching around school. Now, i have work and anything i take for pain is worthless and its almost been a week. Any ideas from anyone? Or extra meds you don't need

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    I don't want to come across as preachy, so I apologize in advance. You sound as if you are relatively youg, healthy, and active.

    Don't start down the slippery slope of Rx drugs--needing higher doses of Vicoden, and then maybe some tramadol or percocet, or a little oxycodone which you'll develop a tolerance to so you're dose will increase. Then there's my personal demon, oxycontin. And the list goe on..

    If you've got health insurance and can get to a good pain specialist, they have some new and amazing ways to inject (don't know what exactly) into your spine; joint, etc. It may be worth a little research that stepping lightly down...*down the yellow brick road with Dorothy and gang*?....or *down the rabbit hole with Alice"??
    ...but there for the grace of God go I...

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