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Need a break
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    Default Need a break

    I am out of here for the day. I have things to do that make my life happy today, that's where I'll be until I return so don't look for me the rest of the day. I'll check in tonight. God bless.
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    Anonymous Guest


    NO NO NO!!!!! You're not allowed to do the things you like! You're bound to this forum and that keyboard!!! Silly mortal......

    I totally feel you Robert! I feel like I might take a permanent vacation from this placr myself as well!

    Enjoy your day! This place will still be here filled w problems when you get back! I guarantee that!

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    Bue, You'r talkin crazy again. We need you around here, if for nothing else, then just to lighten up the mood.

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    Robert have a good day , don't do anything you don't want to do! Works for me D
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    I agree with dog. How you are able to do what you do on this forum is beyond comprehention. This site ought to be Robert325. Com. thank god it is not. Go easy man. Chill until you feel chilled. If that makes sense....SD
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    If anyone ever needed a day off it's you Robert! My God guy, you are here most of the time! You MUST have a very wonderful and understanding wife?! And I'm sure that you do.

    So this is to Robert's wife if she reads the forum and may see this......

    Thank you so much for allowing your amazing husband Robert to be a huge part of this forum. This place is so blessed to have him here. Robert can give the most well thought out advice, as well as also make the stern comments he needs to make. And all he EVER asks in return is that the person that seeks his wisdom and advice follow his directions without question. Sounds fair to me.

    I just thought about it right now, but he must be missing some time with you.....has to be! You probably have something for him to do, or somewhere that you would like him to go with you, and when you ask him he may say something like: "sorry sweety.... there is someone on that forum that really needs my help right now" or something real close to that. He doesn't like to turn anyone down.....ever!

    So THANK YOU Robert's wife (sorry I don't know your name) for allowing that very special guy to help all of us here on the forum. I for one sincerely appreciate that so much. I was so pleased to see this thread he began today, and that he was taking the day off to have some fun. I hope you and him have the GREATEST day ever! Bless you BOTH from the bottom of my heart!

    Big Hugs,
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