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Mystery Illness? Doc's not helping?
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    Exclamation Mystery Illness? Doc's not helping?

    For about 5 weeks not I have been suffering from a mystery illness with no diagnosis from my doctor's. I am too tired to go into major details (If you really want to help all the info & symptoms are on my blog (in profile) but mainly i am now wheelchair bound with cognitive problems and urinating on myself at night. I don't know what to to and am open to any ideas. My GP thinks its MS and is referring me to another Neuro to a second opinion but I am so scared to get another "we dont know/care what's wrong with you, sorry, get out". I am really losing faith in med pro's quickly and and tired and getting more frustrated by the minute. Encouragment, ideas, suggestions, help is all VERY much appreciated and needed so thanks in advance and if anybody post and seems interested I will make sure to keep you updated.


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    I read your blog and you have my sympathys. I have MS myself and the thing with MS everyone has different symptoms depending on where the scars/lesions are. Have you had an MRI done? If so the lesions will show up as light patches (Here is a link to an MRI I had done you will see what I mean. ) Also I find it odd that the LP came back negative, this is from wikipedia - The cerebrospinal fluid is tested for oligoclonal bands of IgG on electrophoresis, which are inflammation markers found in 75–85% of people with MS.

    Between the two you should get a definate answer. Sorry I couldn't help more, I wish you luck.


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    I had a mystery illness as well after I had cancer. It has been an intense journey for me, with so many questions and no professional finding the cause. One thing that has helped me is 12 step group, beleive it or not. I personally, have pain I think related to pain, internalized pain, the emotions I store in my body. As I have been dealing with my life and healing from those things, I am able to do more that I was not able to do while physically suffering.
    Even while on drugs I could not dance, my body got stuck with pain. I can dance again after several years and my singing voice is coming back. I cannot explain that at all except that maybe some situations are related. I hope whatever you are dealing with comes to light soon. There is nothing worse than suffering without answers, help or hope. I was so torn, and I kinda understand what you must be going through.

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    Hi there, just visited my fibro buddies thread for first time in awhile, I'm also going through a medical journey, kindly putting it. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with all of this n I hope you can get correctly diagnosed. I know what it feels like to be let down by some drs, there are many great drs out there but there are some bad apples out there too...that can be discouraging but I'm learning to get a thicker skin. It's been a tough road for myself as well but I'm trying my hardest to keep positive n not let ppl/drs get me down. Can you plz tell me your blog so I can find you? We can chat privately too sometime if you'd like. I have a support group I'd like to share with you. Hang in there, I hope n pray you get a proper diagnosis soon n that you can get to the root of your problems. Big hugs. Your friend,

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