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Long-term toxic mold exposure
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    Default Long-term toxic mold exposure

    Hello everyone,
    I hope that I have come to the right place for help. I am so confused! I will be extremely brief.
    After living in a home for 10 years that contained many toxic molds, I have been extremely ill - so many different symptoms: Upper respiratory, chronic fatigue, sinusitus, short-term memory loss (very bad), menstrual cycle stopped, anxiety attacks, coughing up blood, swollen glands, night sweats, blurred vision, headaches, skin rashes, heart palpitations, sore throat, unexplained weight gain . . . I could go on forever!
    I was researching one of the molds tonight that was in my home - Candida - and somehow I ended up here. My question is this: Does anyone know if the health condition "candida albicans" can be caused by the exposure to the mold candida?
    I would appreciate any information that you can offer.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my problem!

    Sherry Shiflett

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    Yikes girl! Never heard of either; you should ask your Dr.

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    I suffer from mold allegies.Your symptoms ARE all allergic reactions.
    You may find the help you need by going to a specialist in your area.
    Be VERY careful about speaking of your "anxiety attacks".As many doctors will label you as a person with "imagined symptoms"/ phycosamatic. They will either put you on anxiety meds,or send you to a shrink.
    Never really addresssing you TRUE medical issue..Which may cause your reactions to worsen...

    Start by when you call an office with the following questions: Does the doctor know of "Mold Allergies"? Do they trully believe they are real? How many patients have they treated? What type of tests will they use to come to their diagnois?

    Believe it or not...there are MANY ALLERGIST who DO NOT believe you have a "true allegy" UNLESS you have gone into anaphylatic shock!!They use the term"sensitivity".Hang up or leave the office and move on ...
    I have had allergies since birth.Survived several "episodes" or "Serve Allergic Reactions/Anaphyaltic Shock".Due to proper knowledgable Doctors...So for many who are ignorant or "unbelievers" to the TRUE FACTS,that people can and do survive,I have had my life and health in danger..NEVER ALLOW THEM GIVE YOU NITRO !!!

    Another good source is your State Medical Review Board..or any site that has doctors who review each other..The State Medical Reiview is your best source.

    Try looking on any Allergy web site you can find.Or do a "search" using the term"Mold" and "Anaphylatic Shock"(shock due to protien allergians).There are many out there.It may time time,,but your health is worth it!!

    They have many items to help with prevention..Though there are "home remedies" that are cheaper and probally right in youe home..

    Covering all mattress and pillows with allergy reducing covers helps.Frequent washings and complete drying of bedding is a great measure too.

    In the mean time.May I offer a few susgests as precautions you can take to elimnate mold from your enviroment?

    Never allow standing water,musty,damp places to be in your house...

    Clean kitty litter helps in basements,it will need to be changed as it absorbs moisture.Place in plastic containers in damp ares.

    Also charcoal(yes,as in the kind you'd use in a BBQ grill,,,the old fashion ones: Kingsford or store brands) absorbs the mositure,and is used in many commercial products websites and companies offer.Just a lot cheaper.They can be put in any plastice container,place in damp problem areas( basements,closets,bathrooms,attics,storeage areas, laundry rooms and garages)

    Check to see that they aren't overflowing or saturated ..If so time for a new batch.

    Never put damp items in your laundry basket/hamper or leave rolled up or in a plie...Dry them out ASAP>For mold loves to grow on moist/wet/damp surfaces...

    Always allow all clothing to be completely dry before folding or storing away.As mold loves that stuff..

    Old books are a great source of mold growth..Allow them to be outdoors to air out on a hot sunny day.

    Rain gutters and siding need attetion too.Keep them clean of debris and scrubbed well.(siding that is)

    For clothing items as shoes,boots,,,try any powder(baby powder or Baking soda) to absorb dampness.Baking soda is best as it is acidic and mold hates that too.

    Always make sure you have any growing mold spores taken care of ASAP> It spreads quicky...Mold will appear as a black stain..looks like tiny black dots connected,where there has been or is any water...

    MOLD aslo loves to live in the following places: dirt outside and in house plants,fallen leaves,wet pets',boots,gloves and hats that get moisture (sweat) occurring, under traps,rugs,drappes,curatins,blankets,towels,washcl oths,sponges,mops heads,bath mats, dish towles, wood piles,mulch piles,outdoor mulching,piles on cut grass,carseats , under and around:sinks, water drains(pouring baking soda down drains or bleach helps)toilet bases, refrigerators' doors, washing machines( leave lids open until all mositure is gone ,after each use.)

    A fan or hot setting on a hair dryer works well... anything that holds moisture for any length of time is an enviroment for mold spores to grow.Where air currculates makes it harder for mold spores to grow.

    ALWAYS WEAR AN EXAMINATION MASK (you can now purchase them at most drugstores and some large chain stores) other types WILL STILL ALLOW stirred up spores into your lungs..


    Even better...ask someone who isn't allergic to mold to do these things for you..


    To kill it you have to treat it with a bleach sollution.1 part bleach and 10 parts water.Spray on dampen areas.Til they are saturated (not dripping wet)

    . Scrub items or surfaces well.Wipe it dry after 10 minutes..or start to dry clothing ,etc.items in the same amount of time..

    Sunshine and heat will also help kill it with this treatment.So does cold temperatures...if you live in a cold climate..hang things outdoors for a few hours ...AFTER they have dried.Mold cannot survive in temps below 30 degrees...or above a dry temp of 120 degrees.

    Check in a few days to see if there any traces of mold left.

    If so, repeat these steps,,even if you have to do it over and over until ALL the mold spores are totally gone.It grows take note frequently.

    IF it will not clear up... throw it matter the cost... your health and life is worth it...

    I take 25 mgs. every 4 hours to help any reoccurring symptoms..NO>>> YOU CAN NOT BECOME ADDICT TO ANTIHISTAIMES...anymore than a Diebetic can become addicted to insulin...Many allergist have told me this over the years.

    If I can be of any further help..Please feel free to e-mail me at <> or <> USE the term "MOLD HELP", in SUBECT area... that way I will not delete it unopened...

    Anyone reading this,may also feel free to e-mail me at these 2 addresses,with "MOLD HELP" as subject..

    I hope this has helped you in some way?

    I have battled it all my life...45 years ,and tried many ways , talked to allegist after allergist,took Cross Contamination Classes, and research every where...spent thousands of $ on commercial products,: to avoid and eliminate it...even living in a tropical area of Florida ...these sollutions have worked..Though done more frequently.

    Best of wishes for your success in your "MOLD REACTIONS" !! Good luck finding a proper allergist...



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    Sorry for all the "typos"... I forgot to use Spell check..I couldn't find it on here..Does it exist?.

    If there is any confusion please feel free to contact me email or post here.

    Also, I have an "Umlimited Calling phone plan" I will gladly speak over the phone with you too....I do not give me phone number out..But am willing to call you.I WILL NOT GIVE YOURS OUT EITHER !!!

    Please don't post it on here...Instead use my e-mail to send it.I wouldn't want it to get into the wrong hands...for your safety..Never can tell in this day and age,,,who you can trust..
    Take care...again sorry for typos !!


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