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Insomnia. I can't figure out the cause.
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    Default Insomnia. I can't figure out the cause.

    Hello, this is a long post, but I wanted to include most of the details in this post. Thank you if you manage to read it all.

    I am very confused as to the cause of my insomnia and I'm trying to stop meds and ride out the rough part.
    I'm not anxious or depressed, but I have my moments.
    Some of this is ambien withdrawal and i'm still taking other meds 5 nights a week, because if I don't, I go kind of insane.
    If anyone can let me know how long it takes for sleep to stabilize, I am going on 4 months of ?????? sleep quality and days. 3 months of being religous about sleep guidelines and 1 month since I have discontinued ambien.

    I've had insomnia for 5 years, but it has only been unmanagable for the past two with this past 4 months being HORRIBLE. I've been taking ambien for 8months and about a month ago my psych prescribed me temazepam to help me.
    I am also prescribed Nortryptaline, so in total I have three medications that I WAS switching between.
    I've discontinued the ambien.
    What has made it worse in the past 4months is having to wake up at 4AM for work everyday, when I was used to waking up at 7.

    After taking the temazepam I realized that ambien does not give me deep sleep.
    The first night I took temazepam was the best I've slept since I was ten years old, unbelievably good sleep.
    With ambien I'm not awake, but ambien is very unrefreshing, so I have stopped taking it.
    After this realization I've realized that I have a real problem with sleep quality and also had a problem with ambien.
    I think some of this is rebound insomnia from the ambien, but the ambien never really helped me if I think back on it.
    So it's been a month since I've stopped the ambien... I'm wondering when I can be sure it isn't rebound insomnia.

    I take temazepam 3 nights a week, and nortryptaline 2 nights.
    So I'm not sleeping 2 nights a week and can only manage about 4 quality hours with nortryptaline, but nortryptaline makes me feel icky.
    This is due to tolerance to the sleeping effects of both medications, I have tryed taking both more or less and this is the MAX that I can take them and have them work.

    I excercise regularly, eat very healthy, follow the rule of going to bed at the same time everynight, no tv, no computer, wake up at the same time every day, turn the temp down 3 degrees from awake, I have a good pillow/blankets, I stop taking caffiene 6 hours before bed, I also try to burn myself out with mental and physical stimulation during the day, am I missing something?

    In my more desperate times medications/substances I have tryed to help me sleep are, most of these aren't meant for sleep, but I have tryed anyways; klonopin, xanax, seroquel, ambien, lunesta, doxepin, nortryptaline, unisom, benadryl, valerian, kava kava, melatonin, alcohol, gaba, 5 HTP, celexa, prozac, temazepam, valium, vicodin, soma, flexoril and various other unnamables. Anything else I could try?

    Out of these, these are the ones that work consistently; seroquel, temazepam, unisom.
    Ambien works ok, but like I've said quality sleep isn't there.
    I feel like many of the benzo's would lead to problems long term, so I don't want to use those, but klonopin works ok too.

    With unisom getting to sleep isn't a problem, but I have a deviated septum and it makes me snore, so I wake up.
    I don't believe my deviated septum is sever enough to cause my insomnia, because I sleep well when I take temazepam.
    I don't have sleep apnea.

    I am not anxious and depression is something I feel like I dealt with and I don't feel depressed anymore when I get sleep, but feel terribly moody when I don't. I just feel blank when I lay in bed and the difference being when I was young I would imagine good things to fall asleep, now I am unable to imagine anything, bad or good.
    I think the imagination was the result of brain chemistry and not the way I fall asleep, but a side effect of going to sleep.

    I really don't want to take anything anymore. You are supposed to feel well rested after sleep right?

    Also my grandfather only slept three hours a night from the time he was 20 to when he died at 84, so I might have whatever biology he had. Part of this might be genetic.
    I live in an efficiancy apartment, so that could be part of the problem my bed is in my kitchen.

    I'm having terrible mood swings right now from long term lack of quality sleep.
    Suicidal ideation is becoming a part of my days when I don't sleep.
    If I fall asleep without taking anything or only sleep 4 hours I wake up with a migrain.
    I'm essentially only functioning at a quarter of my work capacity too.... I'm starting to feel like I will never recover from this. Any thoughts from anyone whose been thru this is appreciated.
    I just want to know what I need to do to get through this and be normal again and please none of that drink warm milk and take melatonin ????.
    I know now that this won't solve itself in the amount of time that I thought it would.
    Would a sleep study be beneficial even though I don't have sleep apnea? Nuerologist? Anything? Anything at all?
    I'm going to see a sleep therapist person, but I doubt they will tell me anything I don't know.
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    Hi Leepux,

    Sorry to hear about the insomnia and all the routes you have take to try and get it under control. Seems like a sleep study would actually probably be a good option for you considering everything you have been trying and the length of the issue. I am responding because you sound like a family member of mine. She has suffered from insomnia for years and years. I didn't see that you have tried Remeron (Mirtazapine) and it might be worth asking your doctor about it. It seemed be the only thing that helped her the most and even helped with mood, since the lack of sleep was causing her to be a little moody with my parents. It actually really, really knocked her out quick and she was groggy and sleepy for the first couple mornings (maybe a week, cant remember), but then you get used to it and/or dose gets adjusted. She, like you, researched everything and this is doing the trick. Last time I talked to her about it she was getting at least 6-8 hours sleep a night and waking up feeling really good - and happy!. She says the dreams are absolutely amazing and feel so real. She constantly talks about them and loves them. I have no idea if its the medicine or that she is finally getting good, deep sleep now.

    I am just throwing this out there because I saw it help my sister and maybe can you as well. It is worth talking to your doctor about, but the sleep study would be a good thing too. I think she did one, but I don't remember the results. Remeron is considered an Anti depressant, but not an SSRI so the side effects are actually pretty minimal. Considering the negative thoughts you have been having, this may be a good choice. Gets your sleep back and helps with mood.

    I am not a doctor so definitely consult with a professional and ask about Remeron. She said it was the most powerful sleeping aid she's ever been on.

    Best of luck and hope this helps. Also, the lower dose, the stronger it is for sleep. Opposite of most everything else.

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    I'm sleeping a lot better now..oddly enough, I started drinking caffeine again and it gave me a paradoxical reaction and helps me sleep. I'm not sure if I've been tested for that stuff before but I had a standard blood panel done and everything came back normal..I've tried all those supplements but they never did much

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