Here's where I'm at right now, I am switching over to celexa from cymbalta. I've been on 60mg cymbalta for about 6 months. Before that I was on 40mg celexa and it was working okay for me but my doctor(OBGYN) and I wanted to try cymbalta to see if it would help the chronic pain I suffer from. It's not helping. Not only is it not helping the pain, it's not helping my anxiety or depression. So, my other doctor(PCP) is switching me back to celexa. He prescribed 40mg, but I am starting on half that and working my way back up.

I was confused the other day so I talked to the nurse to make sure I was starting the dosing right and didn't have to completely wean off the cymbalta first. Both she and the pharmacist said I can finish out the cymbalta while starting the celexa. This is what the dr. said to do, (I am almost out of the cymbalta), he said to skip the cymb. to every other day, until I'm out. Tuesday was the first day I took the celexa, I took a cym. and 1/2 celexa, Wed only the celexa, Thurs- cymb. and celexa, then tonight(friday) only the celexa. Tomorrow will be my last cymbalta. Is this a safe way to do it? I have been getting these weird, zapping like headaches today and I feel like my head is floating sometimes. It's not a good feeling.

I am also taking ativan for the anxiety and hydrocodone for the pain. My pain specialist wants me to get to where I am taking only 4 vicodin a day, but some days I take up to 10(it's the 5mg/500)! Help! i feel like I'm a drug addict or something, taking all these pills, I just want to feel better. I want the depression and sadness to go away and to stop having these panic/anxiety attacks. I also just want the physical pain to stop. I won't even go into what all my physical issues are on this post, basically I may or may not have fibromyalgia or RA or OA, or it may just be that I need to exercise! It's so frustrating. I'm only 32(b-day was yesterday!) but I feel like I'm 62!