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I need help.
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    Default I need help.

    Well to start it off, I have A LOT of pain on a daily basis. I guess where I should start is my medical history.

    I'm a St. Jude patient and i've had cancer 7 times. I've had a limb salvage on my right leg. (Half my femur taken and my knee taken out and replaced with titanium) Then I had cancer in my right leg which resulted in a limb salvage, cancer came back 1 1/2 years later which resulted in above the knee amputation. Then it came back advanced in my lungs. First the cancer was in the right lung and had grew into the pericardium sac which was removed along with the diseased lung. Then it came back in the left, then right, then left again. Now i've been cancer free for close to 6 months now. This all started when I was 9 1/2 and im now 21.

    When I was younger I didn't have a problem with pain medicine. Started it and then dropped it. But now I am in a lot of pain and I take pain killers that vary from Generic Norco ( 10 / 325 ) to Dilaudid ( 2mg tabs).

    Here in the last couple of months i've been taking LOTS of hydrocodone and I can take two of those at a time and not feel the effect, it doesn't help the pain at all. I can take two dilaudid's and I don't feel the effect and the pain persists. I get real hot at times just laying in bed watching TV, almost to where I want to sweat but I have no fever when I take my temp. My blood pressure stays normal. I know I am going to have pain, I know im addicted. I need help getting off these tho. I have really bad mood swings, get angry for no reason. Say I have a "good day" were my pain is tolerable, I still have to take a pain pill just so I don't get a severe headache. If I go a full day without one, the next day I sweat, start shaking, and just feel like total poop. Can I try to slowly come off them? Because I want to get back to where I just need a couple a week, and they take my pain away. They don't work for me anymore. I just want advice to help me come off them. Because I have a long road ahead of me for when I get older and with as much pain as I have right now at this age with the pain pills not working, I need to lay off so they will work for me later on when I REALLY need them. Because I have pain everyday, but I don't need a pain pill for it.
    I am so bad off now that if I get the littlest leg pain just from rolling over in bed, I want a pain pill. If i've went 2 hours without a pain pill, I start counting down till I can take another one, and then sometimes I cheat and give in and take one right then and there. I am not to worried because I know its the apap that will hurt me, and I do have one of the lowest doses of 325 but I still don't wanna be hooked.

    I am sorry for my long story, but thought I should post to explain my situation. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.

    P.S. This is my first time at this site and posting, so I hope I posted in the right place.
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