I'm not sure how this site works, but I was hoping maybe someone could help me out. I'm not sure if this is against the rules, but I read them and it doesn't seem like it.

I was diagnosed with MS(Multiple Sclerosis) 2 years ago, and I'm constantly in a lot of pain all the time. I also have lupus and severe migraine headaches.

The PM doctor I currently have believes in eastern medicine and that sort of stuff and barely prescribes any medication that sufficiently takes care of the horrible pain I live with every day.

He gives me 60 Norco 10's a month and thinks that is too much medication.

I KNOW this is not true because it doesn't treat my pain one in the least.

I have test results and everything that proves I have MS, plus it's very obvious. I'm not in a wheel chair yet but it's only a matter of time.

Anyway, I'm looking for a good pain management doctor that's caring, competent, and compassionate and most of all not afraid to prescribe adequate pain medication to someone that actually needs it.

I do not abuse my meds and I never will because I believe it's people like that, that are the reason I can't get the right medication for my condition.

Anyway, I live in the southern California area. Burbank but am willing to drive, within reasonable distances. LA, hollywood, pasadena ect...

But I really need help, I need a doctor that will prescribe me medication that treats the pain I live with, along with other treatments.

So if anyone has a great doctor they wouldn't mind sharing with someone that really needs it please help me out.

My Email is Phallmason8@yahoo.com, email it to me. Also any support or kind words are greatly appreciated cause god knows I need it.

Thank you for reading my post.