I have a friend that I am extremely worried about. She was recently diagnosed with I.C., has very horrible allergies and her mother believes that she is bipolar. She also seems to have chronic yeast infections and U.T.I.'s because of her I.C.
Sadly, I feel like all of the medication that she is on can't be good for her and I can really see a change in the way she is behaving (VERY moody, sometimes very lethargic,'loopy' and sometimes behaves like a child). She is 21, probably 5'6'' and cant weigh more then 110lbs. I also believe her eating patterns to have gotten worse especially since she is on a strict diet because of her I.C. and allergies.
THis is the list that she gave me of the meds she takes daily (please excuse the mispellings!):
-Elmiron x3
-Tregratol x2
I just don't beleive that her doctors would allow her to be on so much medications...any ideas???