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First Day Out~
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    Default First Day Out~

    Made my first trip out yesterday. Went to Surgeon no Hernia (thank God ) Just a hemtomia that my body will take care of on its own in time. Then forced myself to Grocery Store (no I didn't push or lift anything best friend did it all ) All I did was walk. First off I never realized just how bad a store full of Food smelled lol but with gum and hard candy and staying far away from the Produce and Meat I made it thru with everything intact.

    However last night my muscles were screaming and in knots. I took a long Hot Bath when I got home. Today my bones are aching. It is like my body is punishing me for not excersing for 8 months! This morning I made myself walk my road from end to other it is not very long. I know I am still healing from my Sugery and I am listening to it when it says enough. But I have never experinced aching Bones before. Day 10 CT.

    Shooting for a Bland meal today. What an awful feeling to know your hungry and can't eat.


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