I speak with lots of people off the forum and wanted to mention this to those of you who are having a difficult time paying for your suboxone or subutex prescriptions.

The generic for subutex became available within the last year. The cost for generic subutex (buprenorphine) is making this so much easier on the patients. It's simply buprenorphine, the same active ingredient in the name brand drugs. Suboxone is NOT available at this time in generics however so you may wish to use this info as ammunition when trying to convince your dr to prescribe the generic subutex instead of suboxone.

Over the last week I've spoken to two people who (with insurance) had a co-pay of $4.00 for thirty 8mg pills. Another person had a copay of $1.10, and again this person also had insurance. There is no reason why a dr should force you to pay hundreds of dollars for your prescription when there is such a difference in price at your disposal, unless of course, you are an IV drug user requiring the naloxone in the suboxone.

Even without insurance the cost factor should be in line with the huge difference in costs purchasing the generic buprenorphine over the name brand suboxone.. Hope that helps make this a much more feasible means of opiate detox where in the past thirty 8mg subutex or suboxone were commonly costing from $8.00 - $11.00 per pill or more.

I just wanted to pass this info along for those not aware of this huge difference in cost by using the generic of subutex in lieu of suboxone. I know all insurance doesn't pay identically but there should still be big differences in costs now that the generic of subutex is becoming more readily available and more commonly prescribed. Hope that helps. God bless.