Hi all,

I've had a chronic sinus infection for six years. It was finally recently swabbed, and came back MRSA.

I was first put on doxycycline, but that was too hard on my stomach (which is bad), so my ENT switched me over to nebulized clindamycin.

The clindamycin is something I have to sniff into my nose three times a day (just like an asthma nebulizer). It seems to be working great!

BUT! Last night, about four days into treatment, my sinuses started bleeding. Not *very* badly, and I've had sinus bleeding before... but this is a little more blood than I'm used to seeing if I don't actually have a noseblood. It's all in the post-nasal sputum; that is to say, I have to sniff in through my nose and spit out the result.

I'm already planning to see the ENT, but I was wondering if sinus bleeding can be a symptom of an infection finally clearing? I sort of have this picture in my head of six years of gunk and bacteria and blood stored in my sinuses that finally might be working its way out.

What do you think?