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Been 6weeks
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    Default Been 6weeks

    HELLO AGAIN been 6weeks and I still feel like ???? some decent days but mostly bad for me it's all about the energy I have very little of it is this normal after this long I was taking around ten loracets a day

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    it gradually comes back. surprisingly enough, the more exercise you can manage to do, the sooner it comes back... this brings back your endorphines...

    hang in there. and remember a bad clean day is far better than a bad using day. remember that...

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    Listen to cheeky, but six weeks seems a little over-long for some relief to happen for you. Maybe you can give some extra information about your situation. My mom took almost a month to get over the w/d's. So post back and let's see how you're getting on. Exercise and keeping your head away from yourself helps. Stay busy.



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