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Alprazolam for sleeping
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    Default Alprazolam for sleeping

    I am a 27 year old male and have had trouble sleeping for the past 2-3 years. I normally get about 3-4 hours max of sleep each night. it seems that my brain cant shut off when i lie down at night.
    when i visited the doctor for this last year i was perscribed klonopin. when i took this medicine, it completely wiped me out, including the next day (i am a teacher, so i cant be a "zombie"). i even tried breaking the pill in half, but i still didnt like the effects.

    i visited the doctor yesterday and was given alprazolam to help me sleep. i have been doing some reading about it and see that its highly addictive. should i be concerned?

    EDIT: btw, i am taking the .25 of the alprazolam now.

    what is this talk of bars when it comes to xanax? i dont quite understand...
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    You are taking a very low dose. Funny, we are in the same profession. Xanax ( Aprazolam) is a very addicting benzo. It takes effect quickly and it leaves your system quickly (one reason it is so addicting). Klonopin is also a benzo, but longer acting. Usually, doctors tapper people off Xanax with Klonopin. I tried it for a couple of days at home after spending a week in a Detox facility (second time). First time through Detox I could not stop the Xanax because of the seizures. This time I went "cold turkey" and it almost killed me. I had over 120 seizures and was literally bedridden for a month. But I was taking 40 to 50 mg of Xanax a day for many many years. Each time was a fatal dose. Shamefully, I died three times from overdose from all the meds and was thankfully resuscitated. I was on a ton of opiates on top of it (every prescribed opiate you can imagine in mass quantaties). All the opiates were prescribed by doctors due to sport injuries, kidney stones, car accidents, anxiety disorder. The Xanax I supplemented (Took many trips to Central and South America). I was prescribed 12 mg a day. Look up my thread or replies for specifics. It was hard to tell what withdraw symptoms went with what med, except for the seizures. Benzos and alcohol are the two drugs you can die from if you go "cold turkey". Clean for 5 months from opiates and 4 and a half months for benzos. Two weeks ago my family doctor put me back on 3mg of Xanax a day because my body was not adjusting. Anxiety, Insomnia, and Panick attacks was the reason I was placed on benzos, so when I quit the anxiety and panick attacks came back with a vengence. Eventhough the doctor prescribed 3 mgs I only take .5 mgs before bed for my anxiety and insomnia. So I can relate. My mind races at night. I was literally going with 3 to 5 days without any sleep. I took 3 months off of work, so I managed without the sleep. Now that I am back I need to sleep. This very low dose allows me to get around 5 hours of sleep a night. For me that is heaven. Everyone I have ever known to take Klonopin has had bad side effects. One being that your mouth does not work. I heard Valium is not as addicting as Xanax. When I took Valium it made me feel heavy, but my mouth worked. By the way, a totem is a bar of Xanax broken up into four .5mg segments. I use to take 25 totems a day. Insane!!!! My prayers r with u. Hope this was helpful. Let me know how you are doing. Sweet dreams. God Bless

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    I had started taking the Xanax 6 years ago because like you. I had trouble sleeping. I used to say, I could sleep if my brain would shut up. I found out that FDA doesn't recommend it to be taken over 8 weeks. Your body builds up a tolerance and needs more to obtain the same effect. Its easy to get hooked on and one day, you realize, you are addicted. I would strongly recommend asking your doctor for something else or finding another way to help you sleep. If I knew then what I know now, I would never started taking them.

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