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Advice please
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    Default Advice please

    Hi all,I'm Mark comin form Manchester England, Well now with that over with i have a few questions i would like to ask
    I have been taking drugs for the most of my life age 13 mushrooms then all the way through the speed and acid and ecstasy but for the past 13 years its been mainly >>>>>>, now in that 13 years i have had quite a few long clean spells like up to 18 months once, and I've done the 10-14 day Rattle from H at least 15 times, But the past 2.5 years I have been under medication, and in those2.5 Years I have probably used 50 times, and believe me that's good going.
    The medication for the first year was 8mg of subutex but i thought they were giving me headaches so i changed to methadone syrup BIG MISTAKE! the immediately put me on 80mg per day but not once have i taken that (if you ignore the 200ml when i was very pi88es off) I have been hovering around 30ml for the last 2-3 months with no problem, i plan to cut that by another15ml in 4 weeks then go to Thailand, a very good friend(who lost his bro to H) has offered me to stay in one of his air con, satellite tv, on suite.....Bungalows on Kho Chang you get the picture. Now I am not gloating, I know I am very lucky to have been offered this for as long as it takes to get over the lets say for safety's sake 25 ml.
    Now my questions....

    1-Manganese amino acid chelate / how much for how long
    2-zinc amino acid chelate 75mg / "" ""
    3-Magnesium amino acid ch-elate 37.5mg / ""
    4-Vit B6/ "" ""
    5 Vit A (1000.1u) 300mcg / ""
    6 How much l Tyrosine (can you but that in England?)

    Now if anyone disagrees with what I've said, please tell me, help me
    Do any of you know of any other Ideas- DF11 10 and Valium are already been thought of, I am looking basically how to ease, shorten and block this awful vision of methadone withdrawal

    At least its in Thailand on a beach that's got to make it 50% easier, but please if you know something i don't the please reply.

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    Look up the thomas recipe mark.

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    dont forget to excerise to help jump start you natural endorphines.... also 5thp or SamE will help. I just started the 5htp myself two days ago as I am attempting to get off the sub train myself.

    Good luck.... hell... what more could you ask for .... beautiful place to wd in.

    Good luck. Hang in there.


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