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Chewable Tablets v/s chewable tablets
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    Default Chewable Tablets v/s chewable tablets

    Hi everybody there in this drugs forum.

    I have one longstanding formating issue of the initial capitalization.

    The drug "Imodium Advanced (loperamide HCL/simethicone) Chewable Tablets" can be documented with "Chewable Tablets" in the FDA WEBSITE and in the manufacturer's website. drug info also shows initial caps in regards to "Chewable Tablets". However, if dictating physician dictates "Imodium Advanced Chewable Tablets" then do we need to use Chewable Tablets or chewable tablets. Is there any rule regarding this. Any help regarding this capitalization issue would be greatly appreciated.

    Any experts there? please respond ASAP.

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