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Zyprexa and Dementia-ALERT
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    Default Zyprexa and Dementia-ALERT

    Apparently, Eli Lilly and Co, the people who make Zyprexa, are in some deep doo doo. I know that bipolar people are prescribed it but the FDA didn't approve Zyprexa for treating dementia yet.

    Part of the story in that link says

    A recent lawsuit claims that Zyprexa’s makers, the Ely Lilly & Company, are accused of marketing Zyprexa to doctors as a treatment option for psychotic symptoms related to dementia.Zyprexa is an anti-psychotic medication that is primarily used to treat bipolar and schizophrenic patients in order to help reduce the symptoms of psychosis. However, it had not been FDA-approved to treat dementia, according to a Harvard Medical School report published in 2004.

    anyone know ppl w/ dementia that were prescribed zyprexa?
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