anything new on the control of restless leg syndrome? i have been using mirapex and the side effects are horrible as well as having to increase the dosage every month to keep the leg still at night while I attempt to sleep.
mirapex also has a reaction with kepra (a medicine I take for my epilepsy) which I had since birth.
When I was younger i would suffer from seizures and at that time i took phenobarbitol/dilantin) now when I tried to use it I got a reaction from those meds or stevens johnson synthrom. but now at 60 yrs old i am starting to pass out in front of people i am talking to or associating with. kind of embarassing . the neurologists are saying that the epilepsy is taking it's course and except for the removal for the removal of the removal orf scar tissue in the frontal lobe 60% SUCCESS RATE, that is about all they could do . It seemed that kepra started out fine but then didn't help any more. I am also using

I did try an vns implant but again this was not totally effective and only the less seizures were somewhat controlled. I have haD MY HEART system checked ou ok and my digestive system and my brain scanned. all appear ok.
my neurologist suggest now is a mix of the current medicines I am taking now (reaction's)