I just found this forum, i have read many success stories, I am having many issues after using Subutex....

I used >>>>>> for almost 3 years, I got sick of the chase and wanted 2 quit, of course the big fear of withdrawals, I went to a Subutex Dr. Now after losing my job, and no insurance, I decided to get off of them, I tapered down to all but crumbs, on November 1st. I took my last dose, the w/ds haven't been to bad, but I am haveing a terrible time with not haveing ANY energy at all. Is there anything I can do that will help with this?

I have a hard time sleeping, and every day is the same, I thought by now I would feel stronger, I have taken protein shakes, vitamins, nothing seems to get me going, I drag all day long, I have walked a little bit, still no energy.

Is there anything I can do to get out of this funk??

Thank you,