I am writing a research paper for my English 1102 class on the controversy of Plan B becoming over-the-counter. For those whom are unaware of Plan B, it is a contraceptive pill that has artificial levonorgestrel, a female hormone, which is taken 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse. I found this topic to very interesting because although it may seem far beyond our comfort zone for a 10 year old to go to a supermarket to buy a contraceptive pill without prescription and ID. But while doing research I came upon interesting studies that prove Plan B is safe for women of all ages to take the pill.

Some may worry about a child being exposed to the pill while grocery shopping would promote any sexual behavior is acceptable. The FDA committee did a total of 5 studies, 2 of the 5 studies confirm having Plan B over-the-counter will not increase the rate of sexual behavior of minors. “One study with 2,090 participants ranging from age fifteen to twenty-four showed "a decrease in unprotected sex among all age groups and no increase in the incidence of STDs compared to the baseline" “In another study of 160 adolescent mothers, ranging from age fourteen to twenty, the study did not reveal any increase in unprotected sex or any decrease in condom use among the participants” (The Plan B Age Restriction).

In an article the LA Times explained study made by the company of Plan B, to test the efficiency of taking the pill if it was over-the-counter and instructions on the label. Two groups of all ages were separated, 1 group given Plan B over-the-counter and the other given Plan B via pharmacy (controlled group). 6% of the control group used the pill and 8% of the other group consumed the pill meanwhile, the control group had an average time of 21.08 hours taking the pill after intercourse and the other group had 11.4 hours (Adams).

These studies prove Plan B does not promote sexual behaviors to the younger generation and the pill does have easy to read instructions to target the younger consumers. Also, the LA Times article stated the pill is filled with levonorgestrel, meaning it does not intermingle with other medicines meaning it is safe for all ages to use the pill. Although Plan B is safe for every age, but like every other pill, you should not take it if you’re pregnant and do not use Plan B as a daily contraceptive pill.

I just want to hear what your views are on Plan B becoming an over the counter drug.