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    Default hydrotuss

    im new here so i dont know if im gonna get remed for using pharms socally, but i just got hydrotuss from the doc, and it is much more effecient then the hydrocodine 500's i get from here. any one know a easy way to get some more?

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    Default hm....

    Dunno if you're gonna get booted or if I'm gonna get booted for posting this and what not...but anyway...taken orally, something in liquid suspension would have somewhat of a faster onset of action. However, with the question of hydrotuss >> some sort of tablet containing hydrocodone, it also depends on how much hydrocodone is in each "serving" of hydrotuss >> each hydrocodone tab. Also depends on what else is in the hydrotuss, most cough medications containing hydrocodone or codeine also contain various amounts of antihistamines like chlorpheniramine or promethazine which could compound the effects of the hydrocodone. Best not to mess around too much with opiates/opioids though.

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