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Hydrocodone after Subutex?
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    Default Hydrocodone after Subutex?

    If a person takes a one time dose of 8MG Subutex, how long would they have to wait to go back to hydrocodone? if it has not been long since last dose (less than 8 hours) .... How much hydrocodone would need to be taken to counteract the dose of Subutex, and get the benefits of the analgesic properties.

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    Default my experience with pain pill after sub

    Hi jaketee-
    I started suboxone in the fall. About two or three weeks into it I developed pancreatitis (NOT due to the suboxone!!) and had to switch over to vicoden or percocet for pain relief. I don't remember any problems like withdrawal, etc. But it took about twice the 'regular' amount to help with pain.
    I was able to switch back to subs easily.

    hope this helps!

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