I have been diagnosed last year with sero-negative RA. I am 33 years old male. I have been using Methotrexate(15mg/week), hydroxychlor(200mg/twice daily) and prednisone(2.5mg/day) since then. With all these meds my situation did not improve at all. I am having pain in both my hands, feet and ankles. Sometimes on shoulder and recently start feeling occasional pain in knees. All this pain is more towards the left side of my body. My left hand is so weak that I can barely hold anything.

I am considering using biologics as I dont have any life now with all the pain and limitations. I checked and read reviews people who have taken Humira etc improved their symptoms and are able to get back their life.

However due to my origin from India; I have been told that we retain some form of TB virus even if Lab test show negative and it is dangerous to take Humira or Enbrel. I never had TB and always tested negative when required for school and immigration purposes. I was told to try Rituxan but the side effects for it look more dangerous compared to Humira.

Please give me your thoughts and insight into what might be the best option for me and if I can take TNF inhibitors like Humira? And if any Indians or Asians out there who have taken TNF inhibitors? And also what tests will be helpful in completely ruling out TB viruses.