I almost feel guilty starting another thread on this subject, but I am feeling a little bit alone in this so I figured it might help to talk about it here since there are so many of you who have gone, and are still currently going through it. My addiction started on legally prescribed pain pills, and after 3 years of manipulating my doctor, I was up to 4 60mg oxycontiin, and 6 30mg roxicodone per day. I was unable to function for more than 2 hours without taking a pill, and I knew that I couldn't stop taking them because of wd's. I went into an inpatient treatment facility, and came out feeling fine, and on suboxone. After I got out, I wanted to get off them as soon as possible, because I genuinely don't want to be on anything any more. My Dr. said I will be on this dose for a minimum of 6 months before he will consider tapering me off. So I started reading up on tapering, realized that my dosage was huge, and began to take matters into my own hands. I have been at 12mg a day for 2 months. I started forgetting to take doses throughout the day, and instead of making it up, I decided to cut myself down even further. So I went from taking 1/2 of an 8mg pill 3 times a day to wahat I am currently at which is 1/4 8mg pill 2 times a day. So I am currently at 4mg a day and have been there for 4 days, and for the most part feel fine. I have some episodes once or twice a day that fgeel like the start of withdrawal, and last for about 10 minutes at a time, but as I think back I think I felt the same thing at 12mg a day too. So I think I am ready to cut down again, But I am a little scared that things will get tougher and tougher for me as I go. I suppose I have worried myself with everybodies hooror stories of coming off of these. I am ready to get back to normal now. Thanks to anyone who read this.