I ama curious as to what type of drug tests do pain management doctors use? I have been on pain management program for a few years i have multiple disk problems in back, degenerative joint disease, chronic pancreatitis, diabetes, diabetic gastroparesis and neuropathy in my legs and feet. i have been on vicodin es for several years. just this last few years i was diagnosed with gastroparesis. i am 42 yrs old male i have taken many drug tests and have passed them all. bUt lately my doctor prescribed me marinol for severe nausea and vomiting. Sometimes the marinol pill works great and sometimes it doesnt a freind of mine suggested i try smoking the real thing (marijuana) which works eavery single time i smoke for the nausea. Id like to know what kind of tests do pain management docs use to see if your on the prescribed drugs your supposed to be on and to check the ones your not on. I havent been checked in a while but would like to know if it is safe for me to continue to use marijuana on my really bad days along with marinol on my less worse days? That is why i am asking if anyone knows exactly what drug teting is used for pain management. i dont live in a medical marijuana state and dont want the doc to find out ive been cheating and using the real McCoy. I know that marinol will show up as a positive on any drug test and also know that if they run a gaschromatagraph mass spec test that they can tell the difference between you taking your marinol and if you have been using the real marijuana. Do pain management docs just run the regular 5 or 10 panel dip strip tests to see if whats your on is in your system if so then i think ill be ok the test will come up positive for THC but i am on marinol or will they go through the effort of running the more sophisticated test just to see if im only using my marinol and not real marijuana? does anyone know exactly what kind of test they are given for there pain management? any help greatly appreciated. p.s. eveytiime ive had a test from his office the tests are sent away to a drug testing company and i have tried overlooking his paperwork back on it as he goes over my charts he always says dont worry what is suppose to be in your system is in there. i also know that when i get tested in past that have asked when i have taken my vicodin last and mark it down if that helps out . any response onto what kind of test i have been getting and if i can get away smoking while im on my marinol? thanks