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Pentasa Suppository (Rectal) Mistakenly Swallowed
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    Default Pentasa Suppository (Rectal) Mistakenly Swallowed

    We urgently need advice from informed people!!

    Our father has suffered ulcerative colitis and received hospital treatment in one of our local public hospitals. Unfortunately, just in the second day of treatment, we were surprised to have found out that our father has wrongly swallowed a tablet of Pentasa suppository which is supposed to be taken in rectal form only. The only advice we could get from the medical personnels of the hospital so far was that there would be no "fatal" adverse effect on health.

    We are seriously concerned and sincerely hope that we can get good advice from anyone who may have any idea of possible adverse effects from swallowing Pentasa suppository.

    Thank you!

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    Call the Pharmacy!!!

    Peace and all that,


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