i have been dealing with a herniated disc for over 2 years. my doctor gave me a 6 day , 4mg prednisone packet to take in case of flare up. well, after a 25 minute cab ride on a dirt road in the mountains it flared up. in the past, after 2 days of prednisone treatments i´ve felt better. today is day 4 and i´m just now feeling relief, but i´m extremely nervous because tomorrow i leave for a 2.5 hour bus ride through the mountains. <i´m scared of another flare up which would completely destroy the weekend and possible the rest of my vacation...we have hotel reservations at a really nice/expensive hotel for Dec 30 and 31.

so last night we went to a pharmacist here in Bogota, Colombia and they don´t have prednisone but they have methylprednisolona (i´m sure i mis-typed that).

í´m obviously looking for some advice here. is it safe to transition from prednisone to this drug for a few more days, and continue to do the taper down approach, but maybe taking a consistent amount for a day or two? or should i completely finish the predinsone pack and then only start the methylpredinsolona if my back flares up again after the long bus ride? i´m also wondering if a low dosage of muscle relaxer would help me a little bit on the bus ride. <i purchased a muscle relaxer but then found out it has ibuprofen in it so i´m NOT taking it because i´m aware that it should not be taken with prednisone, so i may go on the hunt for a pure muscle relaxer with no ibuprofen as well.

any advice would be much appreciated....thank you