I thought I would just throw this out there finally I am in such a better place in my life some of you have figured it out some might not: I am a disabled Law Enforcement Officer & this thread is to ANYONE out there that might find themselves or have someone in their lives that may need some kind ANY KIND of legal advise...
Now I have been out of work for nearly 12 yrs. BUT I know what I know & will make sure if I do not know I will tell you I don't but will try my best to find the right answer for you.
I may even give a little advise on ways to go about working with speeding tickets & the such. I am NOT posting this as a "beat" the system because its not who I am but I will use what I know to HELP if anyone has a situation they want to talk about.
All states have different laws so I will do my best to only answer ?'s I am sure of.
I have even gone as far to drive out of state soon after working a 12 hr shift because someone close to me was locked up for dui & put my entire career on the line to make that vanish to give him another chance & it was not easy because I got into trouble at my office but sometimes no matter what the people you love come first & I'd do it again if I had to.