I am a childcare provider and have a child in my care that has been diagnosed ADHD. He has finally after several others, been prescribed Methylin 10mg. This apparently gets him through the school day with minimal incident. His parents don't like that fact that he has to be medicated to be in school. I have made suggestions of changing his diet (from chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, and pudding) to cut back if not cut out artificial colors and flavors - this apparently was not an option. I have found out that anytime this child is not in school, he does not get his medication (weekends, holidays, summer vacation, etc.). My question is, is it physically or mentally harmful to his body to be on/off medication so irregularly? I know it is not doing his social life any good - he has become the child that nobody wants to be around and this upsets me as he could be a good kid (I know it in my heart).