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Lexapro, I have questions.
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    Exclamation Lexapro, I have questions.

    I just started taking Lexapro for my depression and anxiety. It doesn't scare me to finally find myself being prescribed something like this. I know that I haven't been my normal self for quit some time now. I am not to sure of what my psychiatrist would consider my mental disorder, but recently within the past few months my mood seems like a rollarcoaster. Some days I have the biggest smile on and others I literally only get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I have lost around 20lbs since May. I have been talking with my psyciatrist for atleast two months now and have just started on Lexapro 20mg. I have tried to research as much as I could about this SSRI buti can't quit find the answers I am looking for. Answers to questions I never throughout of while I was talking to my psychiatrist of which I have tried to google. What I am concerned about is the fact that I am now being prescribed medication for something I'm not to familiar with (the drug itself, and percausions). What I am wanting to know is what I should be avoiding while on this drug, as well as any potential risks of this drug. What sparked this concern was that yesterday was the first day on Lexapro, I had taken half of one pill, 10mg. It was an od experience, not pleasurable but neither bad. Later that night I had smoked some weed with a friend and wasn't even thinking about the Lexapro I had taken five hours ago. About 30 minutes of being high and watching a movie I started to feel really paranoid with suicidal thoughts. I have had suicidal thoughts before, non of which I have acted on. I didn't either last night, but non of these thoughts have been so intense and scary. I would not consider myself one to actually do something like kill myself. And I knew I wouldn't have last night. I'm not to sure of what caused me to be so paranoid. I'm not to sure of if it was just me being delusional or an effect of the drug or the combination of weed and the Lexapro. Smoking is not something I do often and could drop it easily. After this experience I had I plan on smoking weed as being a part of my past. I don't drink alcohol much either and would like to know if I should be extremely causation with it or if the occasionally drink (one maybe two) is harmfull while on Lexapro. If you have any ideas or advice on what I can expect out of this please help me out. I don't want to abuse my citation and potentially harm myself.

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    Flip ....... I'm not trying to put you off but the biggest thread on this whole forum is titled Lexapro w/d. It has 2million views, over 12,000 posts and all the info in the world about lexapro use at all stages. There is even another thread on lexapro here on the forum about half that size too.

    Go to the Featured Conditions category and you'll see if a little down from the top of the page. In fact here is a link to the thread. That will be easier for you to just link you there. There is SOOO much outstanding information for you there. It's probably one of the biggest lexapro threads on the entire internet. You'll find everything you need there. Here is the link. And God bless to you!
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