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insurance woes
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    Default insurance woes

    Cannot work because of back pain. Don't have insurance because I'm not working. Cannot afford to go to doctor and get pain med (duragesic patch) because of no insurance...Anyone know of a reasonable solution or a low-cost, sympathetic doctor? I'm hoping for some kind of help.

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    Default Insurance Woes

    I'm in California. Can you qualify for MediCal or MediCaid in your state? You're better off with this one. Or Maybe you can get into MRMIP program run by Blue Cross.

    Another thing is to go into a low cost community clinic either run by the state or a nonprofit group, like a Catholic hospital related clinic. It doesn't matter whether it's an AIDS clinic or Medical Marijuana Program clinic. These agencies don't usually charge.

    If you have not already looked into alternative medicine as accupuncture, meditation, yoga, I think it's time you look into these first.
    Hope this helps.

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    in NC, we have Urgent Care centers for situations that arent considered serious enough to go to the ER (and pay out the nose for it) but are too serious to wait for a dr's appointment. A co-worker doesnt have insurance, and went to one for a UTI, and they gave her some paperwork to fill out, and the Urgent Care paid for her visit entirely. All you have to do is ask, there is help available. Do you have to be on the duragesic patch? I'm aware that they are very expensive, even the generic. If you can tolerate a more inexpensive medication, call around to different pharmacies and ask about prices, there can be major major differences between chains, Walmart and Costco/Sams Club generally being the cheapest, and your local pharmacy will price match them for you

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