Im in constant pain and I hear fentanyl is the best. I don't want to withdraw from the methadone if I switch and I refuse to stop taking xanax at all. I have social anxiety and panic disorder plus even before taking them severe insomnia. The Xanax is a magic cure for all that. The methadone does pretty good for pain but I need something better so I wanna try this patch tommarow. Its Dylan fentanyl transdermal 50 mag/hr for 72 hours. If it works im gunna request to switch over and ween off the methadone. The 3 days im on this first patch I may or may not take all 30 mgr of the methadone a day. So what im asking is the mixture safe? Maybe I should not take methadone at all unless all 3 is safe. Maybe cut the patch in half for 6 days of 25 mag/hr? Or some way to just get a few hour taste? I've done every opiate but fentanyl. I want to get on it cuz I prefer long lasting pain killers. That's why im on methadone. I have no insurance and its cheap and it lasts. Unlike hydros that are lucky to last 4 hours if I pop 20mg and it badly kills pain. My back is very bad I need something long lasting and stronger than methadone.

Im not dumb I just have pain problem. Im not going to take a random post off this site and if it says take all 3 doesn't mean im going to do it. Im looking into multiple opinions and this is one of them. Depending on what is said here I am going to call anonymous or not anonymous to a pain clinic in a different state(I jump between states) and ask them hypotheticaly if if I should do this. But if I get answers saying absolutely not or I know someone who died off that mixture I just wont do it or even call.