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Hydrocodine test kits
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    Default Hydrocodine test kits

    Does anyone know of any test kits that test for Hydrocodone.

    In my search they all seem to test for >>>>>> and others like oxycodone.

    apparently oxycodone oir codiene tests are not the same as hydrocodone tests


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    You can inquire your Physician about the drug testing or specific lab sites where
    you can go for testing.

    Many parents who are suspicious of their child(ren) who are taking such drugs;
    often get caught. These places are often used also by Major Corporations to
    Stores as well for hiring of employees (where they must report immediately and
    return back) as well as random drug testing.

    You are correct pertaining to various drug tests not being the same; in fact,
    some require "cold storage" to be tested while others can be tested via a simple
    urinalysis - they all vary.
    Sun Baby

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