I went to ER on Friday, with a heartbeat of 182.After half an hour with some sort of drip they told me they were giving me a shock. (OK, TV shows, the paddles, the magic recovery) No, it was 6 of something into my drip, all the doctors came to my bed patting me, saying deep breaths-good god, it was an enormous WHACK in the back of my head but went quickly.I did breath as being asmatic I am very fond of breathing - - - - As this did not work, in came 12 into the drip and the head pain was incredible, found it difficult to breathe again and when I could speak said "no more or I will die" Heartbeat lowered to 140 but after 15 mins rose again so off to the big hospital, 50 mins in the ambo with my nurse guy, machines,and sirens, crazy driver hit every pothole, swerve+screech, my nurse fell on the floor, yes I did laugh!. At destination, heart had returned to 90. So new treatment should be violent bumping about of patient, worked for me.Home now with a back of head ache from the bottled lightning. My question is- what was the heart stopper drug they gave me ? I need to make sure I never get it again, the first letters on the bottle I think were Ads--- or Adls ? ? Thankyou in advance - - - Anna -