Well,something wrong with my friend,she can only find weight loss.
She is 6ft, 21 going on 22, and she has always been very naturally thin. As far as health goes she is 99% fine, and she regularly exercise lightly at home. She is not particularly active, but not really out of shape.

Her problem is that she simply can't put on weight. She seem to have a ridiculously high metabolism, and even if she eat 3000 calories a day it just won't stay on. She has lost a stone rencently, and she now just over 10 stone, so she is getting quite sick of it. She tend to skip breakfast but eat an hour or two after she get up --she is never been a breakfast person.

Anyway, She is wondering if there would be a medical reason behind this, or if anyone can recommend a course of action here. she would like to reach 11 1/2 - 12 stone, but have no idea how, really.

Thanks in advance