Hi All,

First I appreciate anyone taking time to read this, Thank You.

Ok, my question is simple: Does anyone know what a CEA Test costs? (carcinoembryonic antigen )

Just a general figure, I know every lab will charge something different, but if anyone has had this done, I would really appreciate your input. I have NO INSURANCE so all my costs are paid out of pocket, and I would really like to know what it might cost to have the test done. My doctor refused to order one for me stating it "would be very expensive". Meanwhile he is happy to refer me to his buddy the surgeon to open me up and cut out the lump in my breast.

I have a lump, or a "mass" rather in my right breast, it has been growing for a few months. It is now about 2 - 2 1/2 inches in diameter. I have had some routine bloodwork done, had a sonagram done, and had a consult with the surgeon. Both docs said they dont believe the mass to be cancerous, and the surgeon wants to cut it out. Neither doctor wanted to order the CEA test or a biopsy first. I can understand the logic, since the mass needs to be removed anyway, and will be biopsied after, but I dont understand why neither will allow me a simple blood test, even if it is just for peice of mind.

So, I went to the surgeon and did schedule a day to have it done, BUT, during the time in between my visit and the upcoming surgery date, a new lump has appeared in my left breast now. It is very small at the moment, but this obviously changes things. I am going to tell my doc I WANT the CEA test done, period. I want to know if there is a potential risk that this is Cancerous after all. Especially since I now have a second one in the left breast, making it one in each breast now.

If anyone has any idea what the cost might be, or has had it done, PLEASE post your experience for me. It would be a great help. I searched the internet for 2 days now and surprised I cant find one reference to the cost. Is it really expensive, or or am I just geting the run-around?

Thanks in advance, - oh and I am a MAN btw, which I feel may be one reason the docs are dismissing it as being cancerous. Obviously male breast cancer is much more rare than female. But it does happen more often than we realize. Thanks again for any help.