Do any of you have a problem with bleeding issues due to blood thinner usage? My elderly mother is a heart patient who has to take Coumadin, and she has had blood blisters that develop on her arms and lower legs. They sometimes rupture and the bleeding is really bad. Even the emergency room doctors and nurses have had trouble getting the bleeding stopped. I read about Quikclot on another forum and ordered a package of it for her. It is a gauze that has something in it that clots the blood, even when there is a blood thinner in it. We keep Quikclot in her medicine cabinet now. Where those bleeds formerly resulted in an emergency room visit, we have been able to deal with them at home by putting the Quikclot gauze on the area, applying pressure and the bleeding stops in a few minutes. She has even suggested to her cardiologist that he keep some on hand and to recommend it to his patients!