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Bayer Aspirin in a Tramadol Perscription
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    Question Bayer Aspirin in a Tramadol Perscription

    I just had to make an account and post in regards to a very puzzling situation that I haven't been able to find any answers to.

    My room-mate had a prescription for Tramadol after she had been bit by a dog last summer but never used the full bottle of pills. Earlier, her knee had started acting up (she had surgery on it a while back) and decided she could take one of the tree or four Tramadol she had left from the dog biting incident. However, when she retrieved them from the bottle, she noticed that the three pills in the bottle were Bayer Aspirin and not Tramadol.

    She is certain that when she was taking the medication for the bite wound, it was Tramadol as Bayer wouldn't have dealt with the pain nor would it have knocked her out shortly after taking them the way they did. We're not social people and only ever have one friend who visits us at home once every week or so, but we've known him for years and stealing medication and replacing it with aspirin of all things is not something he'd do (he's also a cop, and while I know that really doesn't mean much, I'd still like to think it means something). So, in a word, we are baffled as to why there are three aspirin in the bottom of the prescription bottle as opposed to the actual prescription drugs.

    Has something like this happened to anyone else or can anyone else think of something we hadn't? Any light that could be shed on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    I can't see any other way that the pills were replaced by asprin than that someone stole the tramadol and replaced them. You may need to wrack your brain to recall ANYONE else that may have been in your home over the past 6 months, even briefly. If it was in the bathroom cabinet, anyone could get at it easily. Usually, if a person is doing something like this, they're pretty good at doing it quickly. Has anyone come by and just quickly run to use your bathroom???

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