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Arthritis Pain Relief Creams
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    Smile Arthritis Pain Relief Creams

    Has anyone had good or bad results using any of the following pain relief creams or patches?

    • Activon
    • Aspercreme
    • Australian Dream
    • BenGay
    • Biofreeze
    • Capzasin
    • Icy Hot
    • Jointflex
    • Salonpas
    • Stopain
    • Zostrix

    I appreciate any feedback you might have!

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    Aspercreme arthritis cream temporarily relieves minor pain associated with arthritis, simple backache, muscle strains, and muscle sprains. Active ingredient of this cream is trolamine salicylate.

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    I have used the WalMart brand of trolamine salicylate. It seems to work only for temporary relief of aches and pains that might keep me from falling asleep. But that is what I really was looking for in the first place.

    My opinion is anything that you "really believe" will work is going to work. The psychological effect.

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    Default Capzasin Patches

    I use the Capzasin patches and although they get HOT, they take my mind off the pain and after they cool down the pain is relieved for the most part. I have Osteoarthritis and my hip has really been hurting me bad. I went on the web and got a cheaper price for the patches since I use them almost daily.

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