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Adderall in Drug Test?
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    Default Adderall in Drug Test?

    I take about 10 mg of Adderall per day (two 5 mg tablets (yes, I cut 20 mgs into quarters)). It is not prescribed to me but I take it because my friend who has ADHD recommended it to me after I have been prescribed other drugs for ADHD and nothing seems to work. Adderall does. I have an appt. next week with my psychiatrist so eventually I will probably have a script for it. . . anyway . . . This morning I had a drug test for a job and about an hour before taking the test, I took 5 mg Adderall but afterwards drank about 32 oz. of water so I could actually go to the bathroom when it came time to take the test. I know, stupid of me to take it, but I've read elsewhere that someone who takes 30mg per day had a clean drug test the morning after taking 30 mg. . . Is the low dose that I'm taking going to matter or even show up as amphetamine? Thanks!

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    If it has not been long enough you will test positive for amphetamines. There is a good possibility that at that low of a dosage and the fact that you dont normally take this drug it was eliminated from your body pretty rapidly since it was the IR tablet. Typically it takes about three days to be eliminated from the body. However, you need to be careful, this is not a drug to take without a physician properly administering this drug to you, it is highly psychologically addictive and can have severe cardiovascular consequences should you consume too much, and or have any latent cardiovascular conditions. Dont take this medication without consulting a physician first.

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