I was placed on Prozac, 20mg daily (although I took the generic, fluoxetine) about 3 months ago for mild depression and severe hypochondriasis/OCD (I was convinced that I was dying from a horrible disease). I took the medication for approximately 1.5 months, and within a week of the first dose I noticed that I was developing a bad intention tremor and muscle twitches. When I would try to read a book, I could not hold it steady with my left hand due to the tremor. Clipping my fingernails was also difficult for this reason. In addition to the tremor, I developed frequent tics and twitches in my hands, arms, legs, back... all over really. I have a friend on Prozac (60 mg for years) who also has bad intention tremors.

I have had occasional intention tremors in my left hand since I was in middle school, but they occur very rarely. While on the drug, they occurred all the time. I've read that Prozac can exacerbate these tremors, so this is likely what I was experiencing (and my friend as well).

My question: for those of you who may have experienced this same problem, did the intention tremors ever go away after being on Prozac long enough? I am in medical school and considering a career in surgery, so a life-long intention tremor will simply not be an option. I quit the medication after I received a diagnosis that I was in fact NOT dying a horrible death, so I never stayed on the medication long enough to see if it would go away. However, I do still have a touch of depression, OCD, and anxiety in general, so I was considering going back on.